Leslie J. Turek
6 Malden St.
Watertown MA 02472


More than 35 years of experience in the areas of software development, systems integration, quality assurance, customer support, documentation, and training have given me the background to quickly grasp technical concepts while maintaining a user-oriented perspective. My particular strength is in developing comprehensive test plans based on design specifications, documentation, and/or discussions with developers.


Currently seeking full or part-time employment or contract work in software quality assurance in the Boston area.

Technical background

Unix on Solaris, HP, and AIX, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and MacOS, BEA WebLogic, Tomcat, Oracle, Sybase, MS-SQL and Informix. Some experience with Java, JSP, Perl, C, C++, Visual Basic, and Fortran. Familiar with FrameMaker (text processing) and the DDTS bug-tracking system. Some experience with Unix shell programming, HTML, XML, Clearcase source code control system, and automated testing using QA Partner. Understand concepts of web-based applications, client/server systems, object-oriented programming, and database design.



Employment history

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer (Contractor), Broker Research Technologies
Developed and executed test plans for a client-based application used by broker clients to publish financial estimates and research to several on-line databases with a variety of input formats, some XML-based.  
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer (Contractor), Thomson Financial
Solely responsible for quality assurance of a web-based application used by broker clients to publish financial estimates and research to the Thomson database. Participated in design meetings and influenced user interface design. Developed and executed test plans; reported and tracked bugs. Responsible for certifying releases to the production site.
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer (Employee), Vignette, Inc.
Developed and executed test plans for the visitor analysis portion of a web site content management system. This included a web-based user interface to define user profiles and visitor segment definitions, deployment of these definitions to the web site, and the "sessionizer" component that processed web logs to analyze visitor sessions. Developed test data, which included populating database tables and writing perl scripts to generate simulated web logs. Worked closely with developers to coordinate design and integration of system components. Assisted in the design of JSP pages to test Java Beans API. Introduced Wiki technology to the QA group.
Quality Assurance Engineer (Contractor), Vignette, Inc.
Developed and executed test plans for system installation and configuration, data mining engine, graphical user interfaces, and web-based reporting applications. Tested new features, verified bug fixes, and validated installation and patch procedures. Technologies included Windows NT, Solaris, Oracle, Oracle Express, and MS-SQL.
Quality Assurance Manager, InConcert, Inc.
Responsible for all aspects of quality assurance for a complex client/server workflow management system running on Unix and Windows NT, interfacing to an Oracle, Sybase, or MS-SQL DBMS and (optionally) the Tuxedo transaction processing system. Test areas included installation and administration, server logic, graphical user interfaces, reports, API interfaces (C, C++, OLE Automation, and Java), and Y2K compliance. Grew the QA group from 2 to 5 people, implemented a bug-tracking system, and introduced test automation.
Quality Assurance and Customer Support Engineer, Xerox Corporation
(Moved to this position after reducing work hours to a 4-day week.) Wrote and executed test plans for new InConcert product features. Participated in requirements specification reviews. Wrote customer release notes documenting new features and known bugs. Provided customer support and wrote a comprehensive troubleshooting guide that is still in use. Developed and delivered a training module on system installation and administration.
Software Development Manager, Xerox Corporation
Managed a team of engineers implementing the Xerox Document Object Manager (XDOM), the initial version of the InConcert workflow product. XDOM was originally developed in support of the Xerox work on the ACALS (Army Computer-Aided Logistics project), so the management challenge was to satisfy our in-house customer while still developing the basis for a standalone product.
Solutions Group Manager, Xerox Corporation
Set up a group of six people to develop XDOM-based applications and demonstrations for both internal and external clients.
Project Manager, Xerox Advanced Information Technology Division (originally Computer Corporation of America Research and Systems Division)
Managed various database research and prototyping projects under government contracts. Responsible for proposal-writing, budgeting, task planning, progress reports and presentations, and employee supervision, including hiring and performance reviews. Challenges included managing Ph.D. researchers, coordinating with geographically-dispersed government sponsors and co-contracting organizations, and complying with government security requirements. Trained in Xerox Leadership Through Quality principles. Managed the following projects:
  • DARPA STARS, a research project which developed a new transaction model for cooperative work and implemented an Ada demonstration of the model.
  • Engineering Information System (EIS), an Air-Force funded project to specify and prototype an object management system to support interoperability of engineering design tools.
  • DB Designer, a graphics-oriented workstation-based CASE tool for database design.
  • Cronus Distributed DBMS, a joint effort with BBN to integrate distributed DBMS technology into BBN's Cronus distributed operating system.
  • Strategic C3 Experiment, involving research and prototype implementation of a fully-replicated distributed database update system designed to provide high availability for military applications in an environment where continuous connectivity cannot be assured. Developed a prototype system that ran on a secure subnet of the ARPAnet.
  • Consulted on database design for the World Bank's Computing Support for Economic Work project, which linked departmental workstations running economic analysis tools to a central mainframe DBMS.
  • Chemical Substances Information Network, a front-end system sponsored by the EPA which provided menu-driven automated searching of remote information retrieval systems. Responsible for design, implementation, and operation of the system, which was used by over 100 public and private organizations.
  • 1967-1980
    Scientific Programmer, Applied Seismology Group, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
    Provided software support for seismic researchers on PDP-7 and PDP-11 hardware. Designed and implemented two seismic analysis systems used extensively for many years: a system for graphical display and analysis of seismic waveforms, and a tabular data system similar to current spreadsheet programs. The systems' success was due to their modular design, which allowed user-written functions to be easily incorporated.



    Related experience

    Chairman of 1980 World Science Fiction Convention, Boston
    Supervised running of Noreascon II, the 1980 World Science Fiction Convention, a 5-day event attended by more than 6000 people, at the Hynes Auditorium and Sheraton-Boston Hotel. Directed a three-year planning effort involving over 500 volunteer workers and a budget of more than $200,000.




    B.A. Harvard University (Physics concentration)